February 6, 2018

Bob Abbate | Bob Abbate Marketing | Automotive, Branding, Digital, Media, Social Media, TV

Five Easy Steps to Improve Your Small Business Marketing

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. But small to medium size business marketing requires a unique and efficient strategy. If you own or manage an SMB, and your marketing plan never changes, your competitors will find a way to exploit your vulnerabilities and steal market share from you. Once you lose that competitive edge, catching up is a bear.

How can you avoid falling into this pit of misery? Here are 5 simple things you can start doing right now.

December 4, 2017

David Shapiro, Business Advisor and Intermediary, VR Business Sales, New Haven

Have you thought of an Exit Strategy for your business?

Starting and building a business is tough, but exiting can be even tougher.

Today and for the next ten years it is estimated that there will be more money devoted to acquiring small mid-market businesses than ever before in history.

Privately held business owners with planned exit strategies are going to be the primary benefactors of this activity.

Since businesses being passed on to the next generation are decreasing, new ownership structures will dominate the landscape. Those with a strategic plan in place will retain the greatest value for their ownership.

August 7, 2017

Mark Hannon, Mark Hannon Art Direction & Design

The Do-it-yourself Trap

Have you ever taken on a leaky pipe project in your home on a Sunday afternoon? Plumbers charge a premium to work on weekends so the option to take this project on yourself can seem tempting. If you happen to be a plumber, or if you have previous plumbing experience, no problem. But for a beginner this may involve trying to squeeze into a cramped space under a sink while you pause and play the YouTube plumbing tutorial you googled on your smartphone.

If all goes well, you’ll be the conquering hero. Mister Big Shot. But if something goes wrong and Mr. Fix it’s YouTube tutorial leaves out a step, chances are you won’t make it to the dinner table, and will probably work late into the night. Around 2:30 Monday morning, you’ll make that call to the plumber.

I want to ask you, a small business owner, a question; what is your most important role? Take a moment to think about this before you continue reading.

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