Mickey's Mail - 4/25/18

My dad worked his whole career for the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in the shadow of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge several miles south of downtown Washington, DC. He was even able to get me an intern’s job there one summer when I was in college. We lived in District Heights, MD, in Prince Georges County, about a 20-minute drive to NRL.  
When I first became aware of MGM’s interest in establishing an entertainment center on the waterfront here in Bridgeport, it didn’t take me long to learn that in late 2016 MGM had opened one of its world-class facilities just on the other side of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge where my Dad had worked over 40 years earlier.
Maryland Governor Larry Hogan was quoted as saying that MGM Resorts’ $1.4 billion National Harbor destination is “one of the most important economic development projects in Maryland history”.  
Wow! Right near where my dad worked and where I grew up. This I had to see for myself. So, two weeks ago, my wife, Jackie, and I drove to Annapolis to visit my brother, and then checked into MGM National Harbor’s Hotel for two nights. 

 Mickey's Mail - 4/17/18

Surviving the “Burning Platform” and
Achieving Fiscal Stability 
Occasionally, we here at the BRBC get to host an event that is extraordinarily special and important for our business community. 
That opportunity is upon us now as this Friday morning, April 20, we will have two distinguished guests speak to us at an 8:00 AM breakfast at the Bridgeport Holiday Inn. They are the co-chairs of the Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth, Robert Patricelli and James Smith. They will present the commission’s report, which was just released last month, and report recommendations are before the state legislature right now.
I have known both Bob (for decades!) and Jim for a long time and can readily attest how critical their non-partisan report is for the future of our state.
I have seen their presentation twice and was riveted by it both times. They begin by discussing the “burning platform”, or the dire economic conditions our state faces, and then they focus on a series of recommendations to return our state to a fiscally stable condition.
Don’t miss this one. We all need to be fully apprised of the fiscal challenges our state faces. And some specific ways we can meet those challenges.

 Mickey's Mail - 4/11/18

Economic Development, Jobs Growth and The QR
In the past three weeks, our three chambers of commerce in Stratford, Trumbull and Bridgeport have hosted their chief elected officials “State of the Town (or City)” annual address to our members. Mayor Laura Hoydick (Stratford), First Selectman Vicki Tesoro (Trumbull) and Mayor Joe Ganim (Bridgeport) each regaled us with all the economic projects that are underway in each of their respective jurisdictions.  

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