New State Laws and a Final Act of Kindness from the Bridgeport Bluefish: 10/04/17 

Our State Government

I could write this week about the enormous frustration we all feel about not having a state budget in place for over 90 days now and counting (the last state in the country not to have passed a state budget for this year), but I want to focus on some new state laws which went into effect this past Sunday, and involve the business community.

For instance, there is now a law (Public 17-141) in effect which streamlines and improves the workers’ comp process by ensuring that worker claims get into the hands of the person in charge of investigating and processing those claims. Under the new law, the 28-day countdown period to act on a claim does not begin until the worker’s notice is filed with the person who investigates it. This may seem like a small change, but employers tell me it will help prevent meritless claims from defaulting to employer-pay status without the employer having time to contest the claim.

Aging in the Workplace and the Bridgeport Bluefish: 9/27/17 

AARP and "Borrow My Glasses"

Recently here at the BRBC we convened some business executives from our member-investor companies, and some of our staff leadership to meet with Erica Michalowski of AARP Connecticut, and Donna Fedus and Lauren Lewis from a group called ‘Borrow My Glasses” to discuss how aging is impacting the workplace. Their project is called “Disrupt Aging” and they chose our organization as the first group to explore how companies are thinking about and preparing for the aging trend.

Special thanks to business leaders Armando Goncalves, Mary Beth Nelsen, and Doug Wade, and our own staff of Karen Delvecchio, Gwen Brantley and Jeff Bishop who constituted the group who met over lunch with Donna, Lauren and Erica. Our discussion ranged far and wide, and focused on issues like the pipeline (are we training enough people to replace retiring workers?), the supporting of caregivers in our workplaces, the managing of multiple generations in the same workplace, and are we creating or expanding programs, products and services to serve older adults or caregivers?

It's All About Economic Development, Jobs Growth and Retention: 9/20/17

As citizens of the United States, we enjoy a quality of life like no other in this world. And, as such, we are both blessed and cursed. The curse side of that equation being our inability to give up any of the benefits of the quality of life we have become so used to.

And, the BRBC, representing the region’s businesses, knows full well that economic development drives jobs retention and growth. The very fuel needed for a good quality of life for all.

That is why the BRBC’s Economic Development Committee, led by Paul Antinozzi of Antinozzi Associates Architecture & Interior Design and Kenneth Oppedisano of Main Enterprises Inc. Mechanical Contractors, developed the concept of publishing a quarterly review of the region's economic development progress several years ago.

That publication became a reality and it’s called The QR. The BRBC publishes The QR four times a year – twice in print and twice as a digital update.

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