Dear Members,

Each year around this time the Government Relations Committee, now the Government Relations and Transportation Committee, of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council, works to develop our annual Legislative Agenda.

We share the Legislative Agenda with our members as well as all state legislators. It outlines our legislative priorities for the coming legislative session.

TIMPANELLI TOPIC - Issue 2014-01

Dear Members,

As we begin a new year, once again we confront the age-old questions of where have we been and where are we going?

With regard to your Bridgeport Regional Business Council, I am pleased to say that I actually have a handle on the answer to those important questions.

New BRBC logosTIMPANELLI TOPICS - Issue 2013-09

Dear Members

It seems like the only thing that is certain today is change.

Our entire way of living, working and lifestyle seems to be moving so quickly that the ability to adjust and renew is a necessary skill for survival and growth. Your Bridgeport Regional Business Council is no exception to this standard.

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