Government Relations / Legislative Resources

The Government Relations and Transportation Committee's mission is to:

  • formulate the Bridgeport Regional Business Council Legislative Agenda
  • to plan Capitol Breakfasts and Chief Elected Officials Breakfast
  • to coordinate the Regional Legislative Caucus

The Bridgeport Regional Business Council’s work in each level of government – local, state and federal - on behalf of its member companies and business development interests continued over the last year via staff and volunteer engagement with elected officials and appointed office holders. The BRBC's government relations effort includes testimony at Planning and Zoning hearings, City Council meetings, Board of Education meetings, as well as legislative testimony in Hartford on items that relate to the creation of a "pro jobs" environment.

The Government Relations and Transportation Committee meets several times during the year and plans the government relations calendar of events, reviews and approves the annual “Legislative Agenda” which is distributed to every state legislator and member company and serves as the basis of the BRBC's legislative advocacy on behalf of business.

The Government Relations and Transportation Committee hosts a series of Capitol Breakfasts and Luncheons annually. Additionally, the BRBC's three affiliate Chambers of Commerce in Bridgeport, Stratford and Trumbull also hold legislative events, annual addresses to the business community by the Chief Elected Official of each municipality and public official’s dinners.

You'll find below a link to one of our most popular resource publications, Region Magazine. The Spring 2020 edition included The BRBC's 2020 Legislative Directory.