Leadership Greater Bridgeport



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The collective goal of Bridgeport Regional Business Council (BRBC) Program Affiliates is to advance the BRBC mission to grow the regional economy by offering leadership and professional development programs designed to support local businesses in attracting and retaining a skilled and engaged workforce.

As an affiliate program of the BRBCLeadership Greater Bridgeport (LGB) presents a series of program days offering participants a behind-the-scenes view of the challenges and opportunities facing the Bridgeport region.  Established in 1990, LGB has a network of over 800 alumni from large corporations, nonprofits, government agencies and small businesses around the region.

The LGB program serves to identify the region's future community leaders, nurture their growth through training and education, and identify the areas where they, acting either as individuals or as an alumni group, can do the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

The program consists of a nine-month course of ten full-day workshops, including an orientation, regional tour and commencement ceremony. Participants acquire an acute awareness of community issues and challenges through face-to-face discussions with community leaders. The program sessions, many of which occur on-site at a location related to the topic, provide an in-depth look at the following:

In addition, the participants select a community service project from proposals that are submitted by BRBC nonprofit member organizations to complete over the course of the program.

Leadership Greater Bridgeport seeks to inspire a commitment to serve and to develop the participants’ skills so that they will have a positive impact on the future of the Bridgeport region.