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Have you heard the story of a poor boy from Birmingham, England, who, against all odds, survived the horrors of trench warfare in World War I and went on to build a fantastic family dynasty of wealth and privilege before winning a seat in Parliament? The tale of this industrious entrepreneur, who also happened to be the leader of one of Britain’s most notorious and bloodthirsty gangs, has captured the imagination of millions of viewers for 5 seasons in Peaky Blinders. And if you are still reading, it also pulled you into this blog...

That’s because stories speak to us. 

As humans, we relate to tales of heroes and villains on a primal level that probably dates back to cavemen sharing stories around a fire.

While technology has changed the ways in which we tell our tales, our emotional connection to memorable characters drawn together by a riveting plot and reaching for a sometimes-elusive end goal remains tried and true.

So if you really want to cut through the clutter of messaging out there, don’t sell your product or service, tell your story.

And you do have a story.

Perhaps it’s the tale of a plucky survivor who has started a non-profit that is changing lives. Maybe it’s the story of a niche app that makes admins look like a superhero to their office team. It could be the tale of a managed service provider that swoops in to rescue business who are blindly walking toward the brink of a catastrophic security failure.

No matter what you do, there’s a compelling story behind it or about it that impacts real people.

You just need to tell it, show it and make people feel it.

Through vivid imagery on Instagram.

Through Facebook fundraisers that celebrate beating the odds.

Through nuanced emails that link to compelling calls to action.

But to tell your story well, you need a team behind you who takes the time to LISTEN – and understand what makes your brand unique. That team of designers, writers and social media whizzes crafts messaging into a compelling saga that keeps viewers and readers coming back for more – and can translate that story across multiple media platforms.

That’s our story.

That’s what we do well.

Let us help you tell yours.

-Onward (MD)

About Michael Desroches 

Michael Desroches is an executive marketing consultant, brand strategist, speaker, trainer, author and mentor. The Founder and Principal of Woodbridge, Connecticut-based Brand Inspiration has spent more than two decades helping corporations, nonprofit organizations, mid-sized companies and small businesses here in the northeast and across the country. He and his team help clients uncover their most unique traits and translate them into creative marketing that inspires donors to give, customers to buy, and people to trust.

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