April 8, 2019

Stop Loss Makes Self-funding a Lower Risk Option for Businesses

Thinking of self-funding your business’s medical plan to lower costs? You’ll want to know about stop loss insurance. Let us explain…


March 18, 2019

Tips to help employees understand their benefits

How well do your employees understand their health care benefits? It’s a universal challenge for employers. A study performed by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans found a gap in employee benefits: communication. 1

   February 19, 2019

Dave Dellacato, Schooley Mitchell

Non-profits Keep More of Your Donation Dollars:
Six Tips to Minimize Credit Card Processing Fees

No one knows the importance of cutting costs wherever and whenever you can more than those who work in the non-profit sector. At their core, many non-profits function thanks to donations. Unfortunately, in our modern world where credit and debit reign supreme, cash donations are few and far between. Since donations keep many non-profits afloat, it’s very important to make sure you’re reducing your card-processing fees as much as possible.

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