February 11, 2019

Mary Beth Nelsen, The Right Resource

There's Something About Mary

Mary was a dedicated, long time employee, hired for her technical skills. She was well-liked by customers and co-workers. She got excellent performance reviews and was rewarded with regular pay raises.  Her company had a very good share of the local market, but Mary’s industry began to undergo significant changes that dramatically changed the nature of their business. The company needed to develop a new approach to attracting and retaining its customers. The new approach required, among other things, new skills.

  January 8, 2019

Mark Hannon, Owner

Mark Hannon Web & Graphic Design

5 Tips to Avoid Losing Control of your Business Website

As a web and graphic designer working with many small businesses and non-profits, I encounter many issues which come up repeatedly.

One of the most common is the “missing-in-action” web guy.

15 years ago, the web guy was hired after being recommended by a customer (he was their nephew). The web guy set up all the accounts and built the website on servers running in his spare bedroom. The bill comes to $7,000.00 plus a $275 per month retainer.

September 10, 2018

Richard Paul, Vice President of Investments

David Lerner Associates, Inc.


Single Women in Small Business 

While the earnings gender divide is an ongoing conversation, many women have ditched their
9–5 job in favor of starting a business.

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