February 19, 2019

Dave Dellacato, Schooley Mitchell

Non-profits Keep More of Your Donation Dollars:
Six Tips to Minimize Credit Card Processing Fees

No one knows the importance of cutting costs wherever and whenever you can more than those who work in the non-profit sector. At their core, many non-profits function thanks to donations. Unfortunately, in our modern world where credit and debit reign supreme, cash donations are few and far between. Since donations keep many non-profits afloat, it’s very important to make sure you’re reducing your card-processing fees as much as possible.

   February 11, 2019

Mary Beth Nelsen, The Right Resource

There's Something About Mary

Mary was a dedicated, long time employee, hired for her technical skills. She was well-liked by customers and co-workers. She got excellent performance reviews and was rewarded with regular pay raises.  Her company had a very good share of the local market, but Mary’s industry began to undergo significant changes that dramatically changed the nature of their business. The company needed to develop a new approach to attracting and retaining its customers. The new approach required, among other things, new skills.

  January 8, 2019

Mark Hannon, Owner

Mark Hannon Web & Graphic Design

5 Tips to Avoid Losing Control of your Business Website

As a web and graphic designer working with many small businesses and non-profits, I encounter many issues which come up repeatedly.

One of the most common is the “missing-in-action” web guy.

15 years ago, the web guy was hired after being recommended by a customer (he was their nephew). The web guy set up all the accounts and built the website on servers running in his spare bedroom. The bill comes to $7,000.00 plus a $275 per month retainer.

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