April 20, 2015

Attorney Stuart M. Katz, Cohen and Wolf, P.C.

Workplace Bullying – Do You Have A Proactive Anti-Bullying Policy In Place?

Employers in Connecticut often feel like they are tiptoeing through a minefield of potential liabilities.  Misclassification of employees, discrimination, workplace injuries, and harassment are all buzzwords that represent risks of legal exposure.  Now there is a new one on the horizon – workplace bullying.  Bullying is not a new concept; bullies have been roaming the planet and dominating workplaces for generations.  But how does bullying impact the workplace? Can it cause legal liability for employers?

Mike GaninoApril 13, 2015

Mike Ganino, Dworken, Hillman, LaMorte & Sterczala, P.C. 

The Latest Scam – Filing Bogus Tax Returns in Your Name

You’ve compiled your paperwork, receipts, met with your tax preparer and reviewed every important detail. Your tax returns are completed, signed and e-filed. Whew!  Done for another year, right? Wrong! The IRS or State rejects your return as a “duplicate” because either yours or your spouse’s Social Security number has already been used to file a return – and your refund has been someone else. Really? You’ve just been victimized by the latest identity theft scheme. Now what?


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