October 7, 2019 - Bridgeport

Nearly 300 Greater Bridgeport Region business and community leaders enjoyed a positive and encouraging visit with Ned Lamont, Governor of the State of Connecticut at a Luncheon hosted by the Bridgeport Regional Business Council and presenting sponsor, Hartford HealthCare St. Vincent's Hospital. Event sponsors also included: AT&T; Berchem Moses PC; Bridgeport Boatworks; People's United Bank; Pullman & Comley LLC; Southern Connecticut Gas Company and UIL Holdings Corporation. The event took place at the Bridgeport Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center on October 7, 2019.

We encourage you to watch this informative video courtesy of the CT-N Connecticut Network TV.






October 7, 2019

We hear the groans. Open enrollment is always around the corner, or so it may seem. We’ve got some tips in five easy-to-follow-steps.

1. Plan around your workforce demographics.

This is especially important if you have a diverse workforce. Employees’ needs and interests can vary with their life stages.1 Younger employees, for example, have different expectations than older co-workers when it comes to their health benefits. Employees with spouses or families may need different types of coverage. Some employees may live in neighorhoods where they aren’t close to urgent-care centers.


October, 2019

What is the Financial Future of Millennials?

A lot can be said for the Millennial generation, both good and bad. They’ve been called lazy, entitled, and other unflattering things. But they’ve also been credited for some of the greatest leaps forward in modern economic history. After all, the owners of just about every major and disruptive tech company are Millennials. But as for the rest of the generation who aren’t billionaires, when it comes to their financial future, things aren’t looking too positive.

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