April 16, 2020

Frank Borres, American View Productions

Boats, Boats, and More Boats in Bridgeport Harbor


The centerpiece of Steelpointe Harbor is a first-class marina facility called Bridgeport Harbor Marina with state-of-the-art docks, underground utilities, award- winning engineering and full access for the public. It was built along an award-winning 1,500 linear foot bulkhead. Along that seawall is the Steelpointe Harbor

   April 15, 2020

Jocelyn Paoletta, Publisher Region Magazine

A Convergence of Interests

As the BRBC commences a second year of publication, I wanted to step out of the shadows to share the story behind and the purpose of Region Magazine.

The conversation about starting a business to business magazine began on the day I interviewed for the job of Communications Director for the BRBC seven years ago. Quite honestly, at that time, I knew very little about the BRBC, not-for-profit membership organizations, chambers of commerce, or the nuances of economic development in the Greater Bridgeport Region.

   April 15, 2020

Joan Law, Feng Shui Joan's Way and Mary Beth Nelsen, The Right Resource

Tips for Creating "Space" in Home and Work Environments

One day you’re heading to work after making sure your kids got on the bus, stopping by Starbucks to grab a coffee; the next you’re sitting at your kitchen table wondering how to make a shared home office/classroom. You look to your dog for sympathy, but he just wants to go for a walk. You pour Bailey’s into your coffee and think, strange days indeed, mama!

With some planning and foresight, you can create a space that works for you and your family.

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