TIMPANELLI TOPIC - Issue 2014-09

Dear Members,

As a membership organization, the BRBC is always looking at new and improved ways with which we can service the needs of our member businesses.

In order to do that effectively, it is incumbent upon us to remind members that, in addition to the direct services we provide such as networking, education, government relations, leadership development, volunteer opportunities, etc., the most important thing we do is described clearly in our mission...creating an environment that will result in jobs growth and tax base growth.

And, indeed, the BRBC's continued and varied work in the economic development arena is work that ultimately results in job growth and job retention.

It is with that role in mind, for example, that last month we unveiled to our Timpanelli Topics readers the BRBC's latest report on the capital investment that has occurred in our central city of Bridgeport.

And, it is with that role in mind that in June we unveiled The QR (Quarterly Review of Economic Development). This publication will provide a quarterly update to members and the overall community about capital investment - bricks and mortar - projects that are occurring throughout our region.

The first edition of The QR received rave reviews from all corners of our membership and our region. It was obvious that this new product really struck a chord.

As we announced in June,The QR will be distributed twice a year electronically (September and March), and twice a year in both a print and digital format (June and December).

So, linked with this month's Timpanelli Topics is the second volume of The QR, featuring fourteen new projects and including new data about jobs, capital investment and tax generation.

THE QR - Volume 2 - September 2014

I would also like to take this Timpanelli Topics opportunity to give our readers a heads-up for more exciting initiatives and opportunities to come.

Clearly the BRBC has been actively ramping up new initiatives to support the regional economy and in turn all of our member businesses. And, another important initiative nearing completion is an all new

In October, the BRBC will officially launch its new and improved web site...a website that is designed to help your business Connect, Engage and Grow in and with the Greater Bridgeport Region.

You'll be hearing from us in September about new opportunities to expose your business to wider audiences as we launch the site.

We're proud of the all the resources the BRBC offers and our pride is increasing as we continue to develop new ways to serve all of our member investors.