Dear Members,

On Tuesday, March 23, the BRBC met with Mayor Joseph Ganim and US Senator Chris Murphy to present and tour the city's Eco­-Technology Park, a project that the Bridgeport Regional Business Council has been working on, in partnership with the city and BEDCO, the Bridgeport Economic Development Corporation (BRBC's Economic Development Affiliate) for about four years.

The goal for this project was to make Bridgeport into a cleaner and greener economic hub for the region ­ a more inviting place to raise a family or start a business.

To date this effort has resulted in eight new businesses coming to Bridgeport, the creation of almost 400 new job opportunities, a significant reduction in Bridgeport's carbon footprint, the development of four new alternative, non ­fossil fuel energy projects, and the building of a new image for the city.

In light of our mission as a business association ­building jobs and tax base ­this project has so far been a real and measurable indicator of our success.

In conducting the Eco­-Technology Park tour, I was struck by the reality of all we have accomplished with this project.

As we spoke with Brent Baker of Bridgeport Bio Diesel, Dan Donovan of NU Power, Adrienne Houel of our mattress recycling facility, Frank Woluk of Fuel Cell Energy and Gary Flocco of Corvus Capital (all investors in Bridgeport), it became clear that our green business park will be an integral part of rebuilding the City's image over the long term. It has quickly developed into a model for the country on how to develop alternative sources of energy, how to play a role to positively impact climate change, while at the same time growing jobs ­ green jobs!

Coincidentally, the following day, a few of us visited Fort Devens in Northeastern Massachusetts, where another "Eco-­Park" is in development. Much bigger than Bridgeport in physical size, thereby providing greater job opportunities and real estate development options, the "Devens Eco-­Industrial Park" serves

as an inspiration and a model for the kind of ecology that can be developed around this progressive concept.

When we adjourned our session with Mayor Ganim and Senator Murphy, I believe we succeeded securing more converts and more believers ­ investors, City Council representatives, City Hall staff, and others ­ in what we are creating here in The Park City.

I am confident that the work we do with Bridgeport's Eco­-Technology Park offers us a unique marketing opportunity and a key driver for the City's economic revival. 

Bridgeport is now home to an impressive array of new and innovative green industries:

  • The largest liquefied natural gas filling station East of the Mississippi
  • The largest bio-­diesel production facility in the Northeast The largest mattress recycling facility in Connecticut
  • The largest operating fuel cell in the Western Hemisphere And, we will soon have the only medical waste production facility in Connecticut; the largest operating solar park and largest thermal heating loop in Connecticut; and we soon could very well be the only community in the State with two anaerobic digesters.

All of these things are located within the West End of the City of Bridgeport ­in our Eco­-Technology Park!

As a result we have created 400 job opportunities and we are matching many of these opportunities with local residents in partnership with The Workplace, Inc. in Bridgeport.

All of this work, and its success, could not have happened without the strength of the public/private partnership that we have established with the City of Bridgeport, the existence of the BRBC's Center for Sustainable Business Growth, and without the support funding we have received from corporate partners such as Aquarion Water Company, Bridgeport Hospital, Energize CT, Fairfield University, Fuel Cell Energy, Fuss & O'Neill, Hampford Research Inc., O & G Industries,

People's United Bank, Sacred Heart University, St. Vincent's Medical Center, UIL Holdings Corporation, University of Bridgeport,The Workplace Inc., and others.

You'll see a bit more on the Eco­-Technology Park and other great economic development projects in this month's link to the digital edition of The QR...

The Quarterly Review of Economic Development - March Edition

We are showcasing three new projects and forty-­seven updated projects in this latest digital edition.

And, don't forget, you can see more than 60 regional projects at Many of the projects we have been covering over the last few years are now completed.

Continued evidence that the Bridgeport Region is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

I welcome your comments and questions on any and all of the above. Feel free to email me any time at

Paul S. Timpanelli
President and CEO
Bridgeport Regional Business Council