Mickey's Mail - October 25, 2017

Change is in the Air, and MGM CEO is Coming to Speak to us! - 10/25/17 

As Halloween approaches, change is certainly in the air. For instance, not only are the Bridgeport Bluefish no more, but the Atlantic League announced over the weekend that the ‘Fish will be playing next year as a travel team, the infamous “Road Warriors”, with all their games for the entire season on the road.

Also, our MLB season in this region ended rather ignominiously over the weekend with the two losses the Yankees suffered in Houston.  Not sure I can find myself cheering for the Astros even though Craig Morton (Joel Barlow High School) and George Springer (UCONN) have close ties to our fair state.

And, of course, there are those who say that even the NFL season is over after the Giants and Jets flubbed their games this weekend. The Patriots? Well, that’s a different story. Full disclosure: I grew up outside Washington, DC and never stopped being a Redskins fan… 

So, as we prepare for the ending of Daylight Savings time on Sunday, November 5 (no more driving home in sunlight) let’s focus on some upcoming changes this fall.

This Mickey’s Mail will be distributed around noon on Wednesday, the same day we may have a state budget that the Governor is not able to override with a veto. No matter when it eventually passes, no one can be happy with a process that has left us as the only state in the Union without a budget that was supposed to be effective July 1. Let’s hope we finally get one the Governor will sign, ASAP! And next year, we know we will be getting a new chief elected official to lead our state.

We have had two electoral forums this past week where our Trumbull and Stratford Chambers were directly involved. The turnouts were impressive in both towns, and we know, of course, that we will be getting new municipal leaders in both of those towns.

We are hosting a business and professional development program at Housatonic Community College next week on Thursday, November 2 at 4:00 p.m. that will focus on business and personal branding as well as marketing strategy that is sure to be full of great ideas and tips for the business community.

I’ve attended three of these events since I began my tenure as CEO of the BRBC and I have to say they really are well-done, extremely informative, and offer attendees a great way to connect with other businesses via the networking component that is built into the program.

I am told by experts in the field that the BRBC’s professional development programs would cost a business up to $500 per employee if they were to hire out for this service. The BRBC can deliver this type of program for $50 per person (member price) because we are blessed to have members who volunteer their expertise and services. These volunteers are those very EXPERTS that one would hire.

You really need to get out to this event yourself or send your employees – this is an investment in your people well worth making!

Email or LINK HERE to register.

Last weekend, I wrote about change here at the BRBC in the form of a new breakfast event involving our Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce. It will be at the Bridgeport Holiday Inn on November 16 from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. We are calling it an “Economic Development Briefing”, and we are featuring three developers: Bridgeport Landing Development LLC, Corvus Capital LLC, and Forstone Capital LLC. These developers are literally changing the face of Bridgeport, all with projects that are well under way in the City’s East Side, the West End, and Downtown at McLevy Green. You won’t want to miss this one, and we already have interest from other developers to do a follow-up briefing sometime after the first of the year.

Finally, and here’s the big news. MGM Resorts International Chairman and CEO James J. Murren has committed to be our keynote dinner speaker at our big Annual Dinner to be held on December 5 at the Trumbull Marriott. By now, we all know that MGM is partnering with RCI Group, the developers of Steel Point, to bring Bridgeport and Connecticut its first non-tribal gaming venue with a $675 million mixed-use development just across the Yellow Mill River from Bass Pro Shops.

The complex includes a 300 room hotel, a 100,000 SF casino, 30,000 SF of retail space, a boardwalk, a 20,000 SF entertainment venue with a 700 seat theater, and 60,800 SF of dining space to include five restaurants and six bar and lounge locations.

Lest we think this could never happen, we need to remind ourselves that Jim Murren was born here, grew up in Fairfield, went to college in Connecticut, and has immediate family right here in Bridgeport. And we have a great opportunity to hear directly from him on December 5, at our very own Annual Dinner.

I hope to see you at our event entitled, “What is Your Brand ID” next Thursday November 2nd at Housatonic Community College.

And, expect to hear much more from us on both the Economic Development Briefing breakfast at the Holiday Inn on November 16, and our Annual Dinner on December 5 at the Trumbull Marriott!

Change is definitely in the air!