Mickey's Mail - October 3, 2018

 Mickey's Mail: 10-3-18

Last week, as an Emeritus Director, I attended the Connecticut Business & Industry Association’s annual fall retreat. While there I was able to view CBIA’s just-launched “Fix Connecticut” media campaign. The intent for the campaign is to convince Connecticut citizens to elect a more business-friendly legislature, and to improve our state’s economy by growing more jobs and increasing tax revenues through that growth.
The first commercial of this campaign was released this past weekend and features three small business CEO’s.  
The commercial is one minute and 42 seconds long, and I urge you to click below to watch…
The commercial features one of our own: Ed Rodriguez, the President of Penmar Industries, a tape and label manufacturing company in Stratford, and a BRBC director. Eddy did an amazing job, in this writer’s opinion. I know you will agree.
Chief Marketing Officer for our Region and the Region’s Businesses:
As my time as the BRBC’s CEO has entered its final month of a 24-month commitment, I am able to reflect on what my role is and what it needs to be with my successor. Above all else, I believe the BRBC CEO needs to be the Chief Marketing Officer for our region’s businesses. Sounds simple, but translating that into the BRBC’s activities, and our specific goals and objectives is way more complex.
At the CBIA retreat, we were fortunate to be able to hear the three leading gubernatorial candidates (Oz Griebel, Ned Lamont and Bob Stefanowski) each speak to us separately about what they hoped to accomplish if elected next month as the next governor of our state.  
Two of the three candidates talked at length of the need for close public/private partnerships between government (state and local governments primarily) and the private sector.  
I could not agree more. 
The good news, of course, is that the BRBC enjoys excellent public-private relationships, and that does not happen automatically. The BRBC works especially well with our local mayors and first selectmen and their respective economic development departments. And with respect to the state legislature, the BRBC is highly respected by our state representatives in both the State house and senate. With this strong public-private advocacy reputation under our belt, I believe we will start out with an excellent relationship with whoever our next governor is.
Now add, to the BRBC’s advocacy value, excellent leadership training programs, top notch business networking opportunities, relevant publications, and two big annual meetings (June and December) and you will recognize the BRBC is one very busy organization.  
And yet, we are always trying to do more to add value to your investment with us. Please, keep providing us with your feedback as we welcome our new CEO, Dan Onofrio (link to Press Release) so that we can continue to do the great work that we do. I'll be writing more about Dan in my next blog.
I’ve learned in my tenure as CEO of the BRBC that a good part of that role is, indeed, to also be a Chief Marketing Officer for our member businesses and a voice for the legitimate concerns about the business environment in the Greater Bridgeport region and state. The dictionary defines the CMO as one who is responsible for activities that have to do with creating, communicating and delivering offerings that have value for customers, clients or business partners.
Sounds right to me.
So, as your current CEO and CMO, I'm inviting you to take advantage of an event that will deliver great value to our regional business community!
Get yourselves out to the BRBC’s Expo for Business & Innovation on October 16!
The Expo itself runs from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and there is no charge to come in and visit with all the great exhibitors and our BRBC community of board and committee volunteers.