Mickey's Mail - 11/8/17 “Entrepreneurialism”

Last Thursday afternoon, the BRBC’s Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) hosted a panel of experts in a program entitled “What is Your Brand ID?”. WLC’s Board Chair, Mary Beth Nelsen, did a top-notch job facilitating the event, and the panelists were in a word, superb.

They were a perse panel in terms of their backgrounds and experiences, as was the audience which included college students to seasoned executives from large corporations. Throughout my career, I have believed ever so strongly in the importance of branding, both in our places of work, and in our personal lives. And each one of our panelists, in their own distinct way, clearly displayed their strong belief in branding as a core part of how to market your business.

  Mickey's Mail - 11/1/17 

Today is precisely the one-year anniversary of the day I assumed the position of President and CEO of your Bridgeport Regional Business Council. As I think back over the past year, I am encouraged by any number of positive developments, and certainly a few negative ones, too. And I have certainly written about nearly all of these developments in my 50-odd “Mickey’s Mails”. I want to focus today on a development I did not see coming...the demise of the Bridgeport Bluefish.

The City of Bridgeport has lost its professional baseball club, the Bridgeport Bluefish, which occupied so much of my life from 1996 through 2005.

Ironically, today is the day of the Atlantic League’s Player Dispersal draft whereby the remaining seven Atlantic League teams will be obtaining the 2018 negotiating rights to players whose rights were controlled by the Bluefish.

Change is in the Air, and MGM CEO is Coming to Speak to us! - 10/25/17 

As Halloween approaches, change is certainly in the air. For instance, not only are the Bridgeport Bluefish no more, but the Atlantic League announced over the weekend that the ‘Fish will be playing next year as a travel team, the infamous “Road Warriors”, with all their games for the entire season on the road.

Also, our MLB season in this region ended rather ignominiously over the weekend with the two losses the Yankees suffered in Houston.  Not sure I can find myself cheering for the Astros even though Craig Morton (Joel Barlow High School) and George Springer (UCONN) have close ties to our fair state.

And, of course, there are those who say that even the NFL season is over after the Giants and Jets flubbed their games this weekend. The Patriots? Well, that’s a different story. Full disclosure: I grew up outside Washington, DC and never stopped being a Redskins fan… 

So, as we prepare for the ending of Daylight Savings time on Sunday, November 5 (no more driving home in sunlight) let’s focus on some upcoming changes this fall.

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