Mickey's Mail - 3/28/18 - Travel Nightmares

One of the very best things about my job as the CEO of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council is that I seldom must fly anywhere on business. That was not the case in my previous positions where I would sometimes have 20 or more “fly-away” business trips a year. And I guess I could never prove it, but it always seemed I had more than my share of flight delays and cancellations, and, spoiler alert, I don’t do well in dealing with this type of adversity.
Last week, I attended the Connecticut Business and Industry Association’s Annual Retreat near Orlando, Florida. Several BRBC board members sit on this board, as do several other CEOs from greater Bridgeport. It is an important opportunity for our group to stand up and speak up for our region.
The trip down to Orlando was uneventful, and it was an excellent retreat which focused on political advocacy for business interests, primarily at the state level.

 Mickey's Mail - 3/21/18 - Testimony

Last Thursday, I appeared before our state legislature’s Public Safety Committee at a public hearing to voice the BRBC’s support of an open, competitive process to allow a third casino to operate in Connecticut. The state legislature needs to give its approval for that to happen. It occurred to me that my Mickey’s Mail blog this week should be the actual testimony I gave.
By the way, I waited 9 1/2 hours to give this short testimony. A long day to be sure but, I was able to answer questions from committee members after the testimony, which gave me the opportunity to drive home how important we feel a casino|entertainment center would be to our region.

 Mickey's Mail - 3/14/18 - Ode to Ringo

For those of you who read this blog each week, you know that I usually write about a topical matter involving the Bridgeport Regional Business Council, or one of our affiliate organizations. I make no apology for that. The BRBC is increasingly an organization that actively promotes business growth in our region and provides valuable business services and opportunities to our member companies. We are proud of this role and are always seeking ways to do our job better.

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