TIMPANELLI TOPICS - Issue 2014-03/04

Dear Members,

In the February TIMPANELLI TOPICS I talked about our government relations role as a business membership association, our adopted Legislative Agenda for 2014 and the importance of engaging the business community in the legislative process.

In order to represent the interests of business within the halls of government, not only do we take our Legislative Agenda seriously, and work toward its implementation, but we also work hard to engage our members and encourage their participation.

TIMPANELLI TOPICS - Issue May 2015-02

Dear Members, 

Times continue to be challenging for the State of Connecticut. 

And, it appears that the CT 20 x 17 initiative to make Connecticut more business friendly is not a priority with the legislature.

The recently recommended state biennial budget that was adopted out of a key legislative committee in Hartford will, if adopted, further justify the perception that Connecticut is unfriendly to business and job growth and will serve to retain Connecticut's ranking as one of the least hospitable business environments in the United States. 

Many of the State's business leaders have committed to making Connecticut one of the Top 20 states to do business by 2017.  

This budget proposal will clearly put the brakes on progress and serve to keep Connecticut in the bottom 10 for business friendliness.

As it currently stands, the State's budget proposal would add $1.8 million in revenue generation, a concept that translates as new fees and higher taxes for residents and business. The proposed budget includes higher taxes on corporations, a continued and larger tax burden on the State's hospitals, and it authorizes expanded gaming to further increase revenues.

The Legislature's approach to "fixing Connecticut", in the eyes of those of us that place jobs expansion as our first priority, is exactly the opposite of what is needed. Even many of the Governor's proposed expense reductions, long a battle cry of the business community, would be added back to the budget. The end result: higher taxes, more spending, and a continued exodus of residents and businesses to lower tax jurisdictions.

Although it is increasingly frustrating to champion economic growth for Connecticut when actions like the current budget proposal appear to push us backwards, we must not give up.

We must continue to reason with legislators that the road to economic prosperity is through job growth. Job growth will occur if we create a business friendly environment where business owners and investors are willing to build, grow, reinvest, and add jobs. 

When new jobs are created, revenues to the state are increased. It's that simple!

Last week the BRBC unanimously agreed to inform legislators around the state that we firmly oppose this budget proposal.

Yesterday, we testified in Hartford in opposition to the proposed State budget and this week we will be meeting with legislators to confirm that opposition.

As BRBC members, you can help. 

Call or write your legislator regarding your opposition to this "Tax and Spend" budget. 

If you need help in finding a quick way to do that, just go to the CBIA web site at and click on Act Now.

Connecticut can do better!

I welcome your comments and questions on any and all of the above. Feel free to email me any time at

Paul S. Timpanelli
President and CEO
Bridgeport Regional Business Council


Dear Members,

Each year around this time the Government Relations Committee, now the Government Relations and Transportation Committee, of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council, works to develop our annual Legislative Agenda.

We share the Legislative Agenda with our members as well as all state legislators. It outlines our legislative priorities for the coming legislative session.

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