Mickey's Mail - 3/7/18 - More Great Events

When I arrived in Connecticut from Minnesota in 1976, I had a vocational goal and an avocational goal. For work, I wanted to start a new health plan which I did and ran for the next 22 years! For play, I wanted to become a Raybestos Cardinal and play fastpitch softball for the defending national championship team that played its home games at Raybestos Memorial Field in Stratford. I did that and played there for the next six seasons, then two more at Quigley Field in West Haven.  
Those six years playing in this legendary stadium were very special, as were the times immediately after the games when our players and fans would head over to the bar right next to the field. I can’t even begin to count how many times I frequented the bar called the “Frog Pond”, and it lasted many, many years after the ball park succumbed to becoming a huge environmental hazard (and still is). But alas, the “Frog Pond”, too, was eventually taken over by new owners, and renamed the “Whiskey Barrel”.

 Mickey's Mail - 2/28/18 - So Many Great Events

Instead of a blog this week, I thought I would offer up some pictures of the past 16 months since I took on the role of BRBC’s President and CEO. 
It has been a great ride with our region’s premier business association. We’d need a thousand pictures to do justice to all our events, our affiliates, our influence, and most of all, to all our members and their incredible employees who do us proud every day.
Our events bring us together - they are just one of the many ways the BRBC connects commerce and community to create a better Bridgeport Region!
My first picture above of me and Valerie Senew, First Vice President & Senior Growth Manager, People's United Bank is just one of many great photos from our Networking Extravaganza at People's United Bank just last week. You'll see more on our Facebook page later this week and in next week's Monday Morning Memo.
I hope you enjoy my walk down memory lane with all the photos showcased below.

 Mickey's Mail - 2/21/18 - Government 101 Redux

Government 101!
This past Friday, we elected to try something new at the Bridgeport Regional Business Council (BRBC). One of our four pillars is government relations and political advocacy, so we decided to hold a morning-long seminar we entitled “Government 101, and it was all about how a bill becomes a law in our state government.  
Event attendees characterized our seminar as “one of the best things the BRBC has ever done”. Hyperbole? Maybe, but I must tell you that I have been following state government the entire 4+ decades I have been in Connecticut and have testified many times up in Hartford and this seminar was an eye-opener for me. So much so that I am going to somewhat randomly list below some of the things I learned from the event. And we are already talking about holding this event again, perhaps before the long session of the legislature next year.  

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