BRBC Membership Engagement/Marketing Committee


As a regional business association and Chamber of Commerce, the Bridgeport Regional Business Council (BRBC) serves as the regional forum through which the resources of the business community can be effectively gathered to impact our mission:

Acting to create an environment that will result in jobs growth and tax base growth.

As we pursue our mission each year through our investment in economic development, all BRBC investors are positively impacted via opportunities to attract new customers, new clients and new employees.

The designated public policy priorities for the Bridgeport Regional Business Council’s agenda continue to be economic development, jobs growth, tax base growth, sustainability and small business services.

To support and develop initiatives that advance the organization’s mission, The BRBC’s volunteer Board of Directors is actively involved in focused committee work. Board committees are focused internally on membership relations and externally on economic development, government relations and transportation.

The Membership Engagement/Marketing Committee is charged with creating an event and promotion plan to showcase both member investors and the organization.

The expert guidance this Committee brings to the BRBC's membership engagement and marketing is invaluable.

This committee is instrumental in the creation and implementation of initiatives to support strong and lasting relationships with members as well as assist with initiatives to grow the organization's visibility and influence in the region's economic development arena.

Contact Karen DelVecchio, Executive Vice President/BRBC at or Jocelyn Paoletta, Director of Communications at for more information.